TUKANDU holds its events on the Little Miami Scenic trail, more commonly referred to as the Loveland bike trail, the trail lending itself well to both short and longer distance rides.

Our tandem cycling club serves a number of blind and visually impaired cyclists who enjoy riding in the beautiful weather during the cycling season. The Loveland Trail is a long way from most of the greater Cincinnati area, but it is superior to most other biking trails because of the possibilities of the distances one can ride and places to which one may ride.

As you may understand, visually impaired persons cannot simply jump into a car and buzz over to Loveland to participate in our events. Currently, many of our sighted captains transport the visually impaired stokers to our cycling events. The Event Coordinator (EC) will match up participants who live close together in an area,so they may conveniently travel together to an event. We do have several who do generously give of their time to drive out of their way to transport visually stokers to events.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: The event coordinator has a list of all participants along with addresses and phone numbers. The "EC" attempts to link up stokers with captains by knowing who lives near whom. We need volunteer drivers. We do have a number of drivers already, usually the captains and sometimes others who are not captains. Such drivers not cycling on some particular day may take along a good book to read at a table in the park or simply stroll around scenic Loveland until their passengers return. Sometimes, a driver may bring a bike or rent one at one of the nearby bicycle rental shops to ride along as a single rider to join in the camaraderie. Many are even caught up in the spirit of cycling and become captains.

Won't you call the event coordinator, Robert Rogers at
(513) 921-3186
You may also take the link to the webmaster and leave your contact information there.

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