TUKANDU Cycling Club Officers

TUKANDU has 4 elected officers, president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, elected to 2 year terms with elections held on the odd numbered year.
For a number of years, the positions of secretary and treasurer has been combined with the treasurer managing both positions quite adequately.
Additionally, there are 3 directors (board members) elected to 3 year staggered terms with one director elected each year.
NOTE: All officers and directors are limited to 2 consecutive terms. However, a special vote may be taken at an election meeting to wave the term limit for a particular, highly valued officer or board member to be again elected to one more term.

The annual meeting of TUKANDU Cycling Club Inc. was held on Saturday, March 19, 2022 between 2:00-4:00 p.m. at the LaRosa restaurant, 2411 Boudinot Avenue in western Cincinnati, Ohio.
Greg Wilmhoff said he had held the office of treasurer long enough, 14 years. He stepped down so another could fill that position. Paul Hegedus was recommended as a candidate to be elected to the remaining 1 year term of that office.

There were 2 to be elected this year of 2022, director 3 and one to fill the now vacant office of treasurer.
Phyllis Hoke was elected as director 3 to a 3 year term.
Paul Hegedus was elected no opposition to treasurer


Mike Breeden, president, term 1 ending 2023
Robert Rogers, vice president, term 1, ending 2023
Paul Hegedus, treasurer, partial 1 year term ending 2023
Jeff Hahn, board 1, Term 3 ending 2024
Mary Ann Donnellon, board 2, term 3 ending 2023
Phyllis Hoke, board 3, term 4 ending 2025

Please note that a number of the board are shown as holding terms exceeding the 2 term limit. It must be understood that this is because the membership highly values their service and voted them in.

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